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Conservatory Care


The best way to keep your conservatory in tip-top condition is not only to keep it clean, but also to pay attention to all the other details. Over time, dirt, algae, leaf build-up and pollutants can damage your conservatory by eating away at seals, corroding metal and permanently discolouring UPVC. Embedded dirt can make your glass look dull, even after a normal window clean. Added to which, with a glass roof, intricate details, and hard to reach areas, it's a job many of us do our best to avoid.

Older conservatories may be more prone to fading & discolouration, so deep-cleaning & protecting the surface will help keep them looking better for longer. Anyone with a conservatory will have seen leaves and debris collecting in the hard to reach areas like gullies and glass edges. This is where water builds up and leaks can start to form. Keeping these clean and free of dirt can help fight off these effects.



The glass is designed to perform in a way that regulates light & energy. It's important that the glass is kept clean so it performs in the way it was designed allowing you to enjoy the view of your outside space, making your home look & feel bigger.


The frame is exposed to the elements. We can work wonders on moss & mould stained frames, but we want to protect the surfaces from further build-up which means they stay looking better for longer & are easier to clean in the future.


Around the windows & doors are seals which are designed to keep warmth in & cold out. But they won't work as well if they are coated in grime, mould & muck. They need to be kept clean to retain their shape & continue doing their job.


Handles & locking systems on the doors & windows are often quite complex items with lots of moving parts. They need to be kept clean & lubricated to help prevent them seizing & breaking. This is important for security purposes, but it also means they are more likely to remain easy to operate.


It's important that, just like in the rest of your home, excess water is going where it should go. Guttering not only looks great when it's clean, but needs to be clear of all the leaves & debris that build-up very quickly during the year.



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