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Allusion Blinds


Allusion's unique patented weave offers the ultimate in shading flexibility and privacy along with modern, clean lines and stunning fabrics. Cleverly combining the delicacy of voile fabric with the versatility of rotating vertical louvres, Allusion looks sensational and offers a number of light and privacy options. With the fabric vanes open during the day you can still enjoy your view, when closed at night you can have total privacy, warmth and security.

When opened the panels stack neatly behind one another allowing maximum light to enter a room, when closed they create a fabric screen providing privacy and shade. You can even walk through the blind to your outside space whilst still retaining the ambience in your room. The Allusion blinds are child safe and come with wand control giving you complete piece of mind in a modern, efficient and practical way.



Slide the soft fabric vanes to one side to enjoy a clear outside view.


Open up the soft fabric vanes to the open position & enjoy subtle light diffusion with a view.


Rotate the louvres to close the blind fully for total privacy.



Subtle Light Diffusion
with a View

  • Suitable for all window types

  • Great for larger windows or doors

  • Child Safe with wand control

  • Variety of privacy options

  • Flame retardant fabric options

  • Delicate, flowing fabric choices

Allusion Blinds

Allusion Blind

Allusion Blinds
Allusion Blinds